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Your future in Germany

Would you like to work in a German hospital?


Working in Germany

We place you in an attractive hospital or clinic with long-term employment possibilities and a good income according to German standards.


Living in Germany

We will support you in your first steps in Germany. In a personal meeting we will be happy to discuss how we – or your future employer – can make your start in Germany easier.


Experience Germany

Your new home will offer you a wide variety of leisure activities and popular festivals. Thanks to its central location in Europe, you also have an ideal starting point for exploring the other countries of the continent in addition to Germany.

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The program – our offer to you

Flight & apartment

We cover the costs of your flight to Germany and organize your apartment before you arrive.

Working in Germany

Are you looking for good working conditions and adequate remuneration? We will find you attractive working conditions in German hospitals that match your potential and your professional and personal ambitions.


Don’t worry, we will support you through the whole process until your arrival in Germany. We will tell you exactly what documents we need from you and take care of the rest.

Individual support

We will be by your side from the first day you start the process until you start your new life in Germany. We will help you in all matters. All you have to do is submit your application.

German language course

The minimum requirement for a nursing profession in Germany is a language level of B2 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages. In our free German courses you will also learn more about German culture and receive specialized training for your future field of work.

Homologation of qualifications

apm medical assumes all the costs of translation of the required documents and organizes the homologation of your qualifications.

Family reunion

When you take up your position in Germany, your family will be able to join you. Here we will also help you to apply for the necessary visas.

100% coverage of expenses

We need you! That’s why we cover 100% of the costs and give you a new chance in Germany.

Our nurses in Germany

Your path to success with apm medical

Mrs. Florina Barcan from Romania

tells us about his experience with learning German.

Mrs. Salma Hanini from Tunisia

tells us about the collaboration with apm medical and the preparations to start working in Germany.

Mr. Mohamed Saidali of Morocco

tells us about his experience as a nurse in a hospital in Germany.

Application Guide

The way to your new future in Germany

The first step towards your new job in Germany is to apply now online or write an email attachment with your resume.

The following requirements are relevant for your application:

  • You possess a professional training in the field of nursing that is recognizable in Germany.
  • You have a friendly and winning demeanor and love working with patients.
  • You are interested in living and working in Germany.

We will check your documents and decide whether your profile meets the requirements of our customers in Germany and whether your professional training can be recognized in Germany. If so, you will be invited for an initial interview to decide whether you will be accepted for the language course.

In our free German language courses you will learn German up to B2 level and learn more about the German culture.

While you are learning German, we will find the perfect employer for you and arrange an interview with him/her. Of course we will prepare you and accompany you. Now it’s just a matter of sending us all the necessary documents for the visa application and the homologation.

Before entering the country – and therefore also before the visa is issued – the application for professional recognition is submitted to the competent recognition office with all the necessary documents and the details of the desired reference profession (nursing specialist according to the Nursing Professions Act (PflBG) or health and nursing professional according to the Nursing Professions Act (KrPflG), or also geriatric nurse and health and pediatric nurse). An equivalence check is then carried out by the relevant recognition authority. In the case of third-country nursing qualifications, significant deviations from the declared reference profession are usually recorded in an assessment notice (the so-called deficit notice). In such cases, the foreign professional qualification is not considered equivalent, which means that the differences must be compensated with the help of a compensation measure in Germany (Section 16d AufenthG).

Missing content can be made up, for example, within the framework of a personalized adaptation course.
Another possibility is to take a knowledge test (either directly or with a preparatory course). At present, both the knowledge test and the adaptation period can only be taken in Germany, i.e. after entering the country. (source:
We are at your disposal to advise you and help you decide on the measure to compensate for the deficiencies and the whole process.

We will take care of the process. As soon as you have a signed employment contract, have passed the official B2 exam and have received your visa, we will organize your trip to Germany.

apm medical will accompany you on your first steps in Germany. We will show you your new region of residence, among other things with an organized city tour. We will also support you with your administrative formalities and, of course, accompany you to your new workplace, the hospital.

Frequently asked questions

about living and working in Germany

How does the selection process work?

First, fill out our contact form on this page and upload your resume. If your profile fits, we will arrange a telephone or video interview with you. If the interview is positive, you will receive confirmation from us that you will participate in our free German classes.

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to work in Germany?

As a nurse practitioner the most important prerequisite for the recognition of your foreign qualifications in Germany is the acquisition of sound language skills (up to B2 level). Of course, you must have a clean criminal record and no health restrictions – basically there is nothing standing in the way of your accreditation.

How much will I earn?

In Germany, nurses‘ salaries are regulated by collective bargaining agreements. The salary group to which you belong depends primarily on your qualification and your professional practice. The more professional experience you can demonstrate, the higher the salary level you are placed in. In short, this means that full-time nurses start with a basic starting salary of 2950 to 3200 euros gross per month. Additionally, there are extra payments for night shifts, weekends and holidays.

What costs will I have to pay?

There are no costs for you. We will take care of everything, as well as the German course.

Who will be my employer?

Our partner hospitals and clinics are renowned institutions throughout Germany.

What are the working conditions of a nurse in Germany?

The working hours for a full-time job in Germany are usually 38 to 40 hours per week. In nursing, shift work (morning, afternoon or evening shift) is usually performed 5 days a week. The shift structure depends on the employer, who draws up the shift plans and makes them available in advance. Vacation entitlement also varies depending on the employment contract. On average, however, vacation entitlement is approximately 24 to 30 days annually. In Germany, a probationary period of six months is also customary, during which you must prove your worth.

How long does the homologation procedure take in Germany?

For EU applicants everything happens quite quickly thanks to a new regulation. Once the documentation is completed, the procedure can be completed within a day. For applicants from third countries and non-EU countries, the recognition procedure can take up to three months after application.

Still have questions?

We will be happy to help you clarify all outstanding questions and support you on your way to Germany.

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